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A Technical Advisory Committee (TAC)-inception group, chaired by Roger Ellis and assisted by the CEO and 3 delegates appointed or nominated by the University of Florida, FAO and NMNH/SI, respectively, will draft Terms of Reference for a TAC and work with the Executive Committee to identify officers willing to serve on the TAC.

The central responsibility of the TAC will be to deal with the 'ecology' of the information required to drive the consilience process in the EcoPort database. The TAC will take a bird's-eye view of the various provinces and domains of information going into and required by the database to become a universe able to maximise opportunities for synergy. Thus, the TAC shall identify information domains deserving focus and attention, devise strategies and functional specifications to address the gap and propose a tactical procedure and recommended group of expert volunteers to do the work. Each of these investigations will be written up by the TAC as an internal Project Proposal which will be finalised in consultation with the Executive Committee and then submitted to the Board for approval prior to subsequent implementation.