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As inventor of the basic idea behind the EcoPort database, as incorporator of the Foundation and as inception CEO to manage the transition years of the Foundation as it evolves from an inter-institutional programme to an independent entity, the Information Technology Committee (ITC) will be under the leadership and chairmanship of Tonie Putter, who will be assisted by Stuart Corrin and Rohan Putter to identify and assemble a working group to serve on the ITC. The CEO will remain the Chairperson for the term of his first appointment stipulated in the Founding Bylaws.

The core function of the ITC will be to attend to systems technical, functional specifications so that the EcoPort 'toolbox' could live up to the vision of its creator while simultaneously fulfilling the needs of writing coherent, holistic consilient information into the EcoPort database. To this end, the working group will invent and describe a committee procedure to achieve these goals. Within the Foundation, the ITC will work with the Executive Committee prior to taking its recommendations and Projects to the Board for approval.