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Why do you use the word "enterprise" when referring to EcoPort?
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Dictionaries define the word 'enterprise in several ways; e.g. as:

"...readiness to put effort into new, often risky ventures or activities...."

"...a new, often risky venture that involves confidence and initiative...."

"...organized business activities aimed specifically at growth and profit..."

When a person does something innovative and bold, we often refer to the initiative as 'enterprising'. Thus, in EcoPort, our emphasis is on the enterprising idea of working together to create a global public good in a manner that exploits and utilizes a particular vision of the Internet/www could create and become a knowledge commons. And although the word does have a commercial business aspect, EcoPort is, by constitution, a not-for-profit service that is nonetheless an enterprise and enterprising.

It is, above all, the spirit of enterprise and human creativity; the attribute of generosity that makes us enterprising.