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Is everything in EcoPort copyleft and why?
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Yes, both the computer code and the information content is managed under the custodianship of the EcoPort Foundation under copyleft conditions. (See Q & A on copyright and copyleft).

We adopted the copyleft regime because it is the best way:

  • to ensure that contributors can share their information freely and pool their skills and expertise to create common goods;
  • retain their rights to commercial use by others of their knowledge;
  • to create circumstances wherein ideas can be improved incrementally and additively by harnessing collective creativity but without allowing one contributor of a component to claim either disproportionate or commercial rights to the work of others; and
  • because copyleft is the best available current option and regime of property management consistent with managing public goods and to allow the Foundation to live up to the ideals of Nelson Mandela's generosity.

An important reason for choosing the copyleft regime is that it is an obvious choice in conjunction with the use of open source software.

Finally, and philosophically, we believe that information is the currency of the new economy and that we can best serve that economy, education and responsible human emancipation by creating a level information playing field where access to information is not restricted by the friction of copyright. We believe that very person who wants to learn, should be able to do so as far as possible under circumstances constrained only by their talent and not by their level of material wealth and prosperity; i.e. by their financial capacity to buy books.