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Where do I find the EcoPort Constitution?
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Everything you can read, and link to from the 'root' level links on the EPF home page and website (, and from which you accessed the page you are reading right now, is and constitutes the Foundation's Constitution. 'Hop' around, read and comment, as your way of 'experiencing' and shaping its evolution.

It would be possible to assemble this HyperText and HyperLinked suite of documents and sub-documents in printed form, complete with footnotes, text boxes, and appendices, but since EcoPort is fundamentally a non-linear, n-dimensional environment itself — a system and service that has predicatively adopted hypertext and hyperlinking as its 'way of being' — the Foundation's Constitution and its inevitable future variations and versions that will evolve as the Foundation matures, will be what you can find, read and shape yourself, on this website.