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The probity of the Foundation's work as a global public good will be shaped by a dialectic relationship between the Foundation's Governing Board and the Advisory Council, as follows:

Responsible to its members, the Board's focus is on mission, values, objectives, strategic planning, effective achievement of goals and efficient utilization of resources. Board members will be community members with a significant interest in, and commitment to, the Foundation's public Mission.

The Board's governance responsibilities should not be confused with the custodial oversight function of the Advisory Council which acts as a body to provide a general citizens' voice to the Foundation beyond the immediate interests and requirement of voting Members. Thus, the Advisory Council provides visionary advice and oversight to the Foundation's programmes and community services. Whereas the Advisory Council only provides advice and has no governance power, the Board is responsible to its Members in the matter of effective governance stipulated in this Constitution to ensure that the goals and requirements of Members are realize and that resources are properly managed. The Board is beholden to its Members in these and other functions such as advocacy and representation whereas the Advisory Council represents the interests of the general public in whose name the Foundation operates as a global public good.