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By its nature EcoPort is a near-perfect example of a Global Public Good inasmuch as it implements the core attributes of such goods. Indeed, because EcoPort is critically digital, thereby generating perfectly fungible benefits, it is a very powerful implementation of the defining concepts of public good.

EcoPort is 'global' in two important ways, namely conceptually and geographically.

In the conceptual sense, EcoPort is global because it "...takes all the different aspects of a situation into account...".

In a geographical sense, EcoPort is global because it is "...a process taking place in many countries around the world."

What is important however, is that EcoPort offers services and seeks support for its efforts, on the grounds that it is a global public good. Therefore, EcoPort purports to be doing what it does as a public benefit and therefore this constitution reflects a conviction and commitment that the general interests of the public should be respected and represented explicitly. It is for this reason that the Advisory Council is created, i.e. to advise the direct, governing structures of the Foundation about how the general interests of members of the public who are not voting Members of the Foundation itself, will be kept in mind and consideration.