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Under the leadership of, and responsible to the CEO, senior directors will be appointed to lead the work in key, thematic areas of the Foundation's enterprise and business. Priorities, functions and terms of reference will be worked out by the Executive Committee while the Rules and Procedure Committee will, within the stipulations of the Foundation's Founding Bylaws and this Constitution, develop and monitor the implementation of the recruitment process.

A suitable Code of Conduct and Oath of Office will also be developed by the Rules and Procedures Committee and ratified by the Foundation's Board. Once these instruments exist, recruited Directors will sign the relevant instruments accordingly.

Indicatively, it is envisaged that the Foundation will require the following key 'departments' or areas each headed by a Director as introduced above. Also indicatively, sub-unit lead areas are indicated as indented sub-headings:

Content Coordination

-- Ecology & Environment
-- Public Health
-- Education
-- Client-level Business Development

Technical Systems Development

-- System Design
-- System Administration
-- Programming & Code Maintenance
-- Infrastructure maintenance
-- User support & backstopping

User-interface Design

-- Cognitive Designer
-- Webmaster
-- Authoring and Artistry
-- Data-entry facilitation

Public Relations & Fund Raising

-- Advocacy & Publicity
-- Accounts representation

Administration & Logistics

-- Foundation infrastructure
-- Staff and recruitment etc.
-- Procurement and distribution

Financial Management & Accounting

-- Bookkeeping
-- Auditor

The scope of these roles and appointments will not be limited to the above and no further specifications are provided here in order to ensure that autonomy and authority for decisions and amendments are devolved to the relevant governing bodies specified in the Foundation's Bylaws and Constitution.