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A variety of Standing and ad hoc Committees will be created in the course of the Foundation's conducting its public good enterprise.

The Committees, procedures and terms of reference described herein are mostly indicative and intent on setting in place a flexible framework for Members, stakeholders and officials to adapt this section of the Constitution and set of Foundation functions to meet specific, future requirements.

General, guiding principles:

1. Except for the initiating committee arrangements and appointments made herein, the Board would normally appoint committee members annually for one- to three-year terms.
2. Committees have an advisory function to the Board. They do not speak or act for the Board unless such authority is formally delegated;
3. Committees are usually time-limited and exist for specific purposes.
4. Committees do not have any authority to direct Foundation staff though they will work with the CEO and the Executive Committee to obtain resources in support of committee activities.
5. The composition of the committees shall be representative of Members and of the EcoPort community at large.
6. The CEO and one person appointed by the Board, are ex-officio members of all committees.
7. Committees and Foundation staff work co-operatively to carry out the objectives of the Foundation.
8. Committees isolate key issues requiring Board consideration, propose alternative actions, present the implications and make recommendations to the Board for decision. The Board will not review the matter in the same detail as the committee but must be satisfied that all pertinent information was considered or refer the issue back to the committee for further study. The Board will consider the recommendations of the committee and adopt or amend these recommendations or make such other disposition as it deems advisable.

Individual Committee Descriptions are given elsewhere in the Foundation's constitutional organigram.