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The following information has been made public:

'Working within the mandate of "Smart Communities" launched by Industry Canada, "Collectivité ingénieuse de la Péninsule acadienne (CIPA) inc." strives to find innovative ways to use information and communication technologies to empower people, institutions and regions as a whole. From a technological capacity building perspective, this includes activities that bring rural communities into the information age. Specifically, our work involves connectivity and content issues where we teach these communities how and particularly why these technologies can contribute to their sustainable development. This also includes assisting communities to actively participate in the generation of pertinent and local content.

We believe that EcoPort has a similar vision with objectives of bringing ecology to the community. Furthermore, we are convinced that EcoPort will be a useful resource for our communities. Although we deal with broader social, economic and justice issues, we feel that EcoPort will bring an important ecological contribution to our endeavors. '

Based on the above, the Foundation and CIPA have also signed a general cooperation agreement, and the relationship is evolving further, investigating the feasibility of establishing EcoPort Canada.