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Mission Statement of the Ecoport Foundation
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Whereas we believe that
  • Individual responsibility and local action are the critical and primary requirements for effective and sustainable management of natural resources;
  • Custody and stewardship require ecological knowledge to shape the values and convictions that inform the decisions that determine our common future;
  • Creating knowledge of ecology requires a continuous process of integration of personal experience and self-educating action communicated and expressed through the dynamics that build community; and that
  • Open, unfettered access to information and procedures to share information are essential for the personal empowerment required to drive and inform policy decisions and implementation at all levels,
it is our Mission and Pledge to:
  • Establish and sustain a "Knowledge Commons" where individuals and communities can work and learn together to develop sustainable ways to manage the Earth's natural resources;
  • Facilitate access to information through a public service that will enable participants to own and update the knowledge created by their collective effort through application of EcoPort's procedures;
  • Promote the availability and use of EcoPort's information and procedures as a Global Public Good to provide education to communities and individuals engaged in natural resources management and conservation; and to
  • Make provision to ensure data quality through peer review and to preserve and display individual ownership of shared information.