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Consilience Alliance Pledge
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The Consilience Alliance Pledge

We, the Founders, Initiators, Sponsors and Members of the Consilience Alliance recognise that:

• our life decisions, plans and actions shape the Future of Nature;
• humanity's fate and well-being depend on the Wealth of Nature;
• integrity in economic enterprise hinges on biological Laws of Nature;
• human dignity is eroded when we weaken the Resilience of Nature

Therefore, I/we,

Joe Citizen / Community X

accept the responsibilty to develop and share my/our knowledge of Nature and the ecological processes and ecosystems services that sustain the Diversity of Life, and pledge to:

• honour and respect all Life in its biodiversity as good;
• live in understanding that Life is not separate from us, but basic to us;
• accept that I/we have no exclusive rights to the Wealth of Nature;
• reduce the negative impact of humanity’s domination of Nature;
• work for humanity, community, nation and self, to sustain the Diversity of Life.

••••••••• 10,001 ••••••••••